It was such a crazy week in the crypto world. The fall of Terra Luna caused the crash of the token market. As a result, Defi lending apps are not out of the chaos. Let's read our weekly report of GEIST and AAVE to see their reaction to the market. The former is one of the biggest DeFi App in the Ethereum chain and the latter is its successful fork in Fantom Opera Chain.


By the time writing this report(May 5th, 2022), The Geist Protocol has $181,702,519.72 of liquidity. Specifically:

  • Total Supply: $181,702,519.72
  • Total Borrow: $55,851,506.25
  • Total Value Locked: $125,851,013.47
Market Overview Of Geist

These numbers in AAVE(ETH) are presented in the following figure:

  • Total Supply: $11,378,320,321.15
  • Total Borrow: $3,591,693,002.17
  • Total Value Locked: $7,786,627,318.98
Market Overview Of Aave

The AAVE protocol(34 tokens) supports more tokens than GEIST protocol(9 tokens). The top supply tokens and their value are illustrated in the following figures

Protocol Liquidity Of Geist
Protocol Liquidity Of Aave


Due to the fall in tokens’ price. Liquidation activities happened more frequently than usual. For details, in our recent report, for one month (from 9th April to 10th May), there were 970 liquidate transactions completed. However, in the last week, there were 1333 liquidation activities completed. The total liquidated collateral amount is about 6% of TVL in this protocol. This number in AAVE protocol is 1.18%. To be more specific:

Liquidated Collateral Amount Of Geist
Liquidated Collateral Amount Of Aave
Debt To Cover Amount Of Geist
Debt To Cover Amount Of Aave

Number of users

Despite the downtrend of crypto market, numbers of active user in both protocol was not decreased in the previous week

Number of Users In Geist
Number of Users In Aave

Histogram of users asset in GEIST and AAVE

Deposit Users In Geist
Deposit Users In Aave
Borrowing Users In Geist
Borrowing Users In Aave

Total Transactions

In the last week, users in GEIST tended to withdraw their assets with significant transaction numbers (6483) and volume ($326,289,656.49).
Transactions Of Geist In A Week
In AAVE protocol, the number of deposit transactions(6534) is more than withdraw transaction(5363), however, volume of deposit($6,682,697,092.16) is less than volume of withdraw($7,879,437,271.15).
Transactions Of Aave In A Week