Geist Finance is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity market protocol operating on the Fantom Opera blockchain.
This report includes critical information, consisting of transaction value, liquidation status, and the number of users participating in this protocol. By this writing, we provide you with basic information about Geist which hopefully helps you make your own investment decision.


By the time writing this report(May 5th, 2022), The Geist Protocol has $244,727,121.10 of liquidity. Specifically:

  • Total Supply: $244,737,121.10
  • Total Borrow: $87,771,137.8
  • Total Value Locked: $156,955,983.3

Market Overview

This protocol supports liquidity of 9 tokens

  • The highest liquidity: BTC - $65.5M
  • The lowest liquidity: LINK - $2.3M
Protocol Liquidity


For one month, there have been 970 liquidate transactions completed, $3,988,731 liquidated with the domination of BTC ($1.841.700 - 46,17%) and WFTM ($1.775.299 - 44.51%)

Liquidated Collateral Amount
Debt To Cover Amount

Number of users

  • Number of deposit-only user: 4183
  • Number of borrowing user: 2394

Both of these figures slightly declined in the last one month (From 11th April 2022)

Number of Users
  • Histogram of users asset
Deposit Users
Borrowing Users

Total Transactions

In the last month, users in GEIST tended to withdraw their assets with significant transaction numbers (17 493) and volume ($1.014.380.661,2).
Transactions In A Month
Transactions In A Month