The TRAVA Protocol closed month May of 2022 with $1,119,103.93 of liquidity:

  • 40.05% utilization; there are some tokens, especially stable coins keeping the utilization rate over 60% most of the time
  • $23,402.73 liquidated; it took 3% of TVL
  • 1,457,871 TRAVA was claimed by protocol users in the last month


Liquidity in details:

  • Total Supply: $1,119,103.93
  • Total Borrow: $446,691.14
  • Total Value Lock: $672,412.79
Market Overview

This protocol supports liquidity of 14 tokens

  • The highest liquidity: BUSD - $288,639
  • The lowest liquidity: ADA - $26,017
Protocol Liquidity


For one month, there have been 36 liquidate transactions completed, $23,402.73 liquidated with the domination of USDT($8555.02 - 36.56%) and BTCB($6612.62 - 28.26%)

Liquidated Collateral Amount
Debt To Cover Amount

Number of users

There are 281 users in TRAVA BSC lending pool at the moment:

  • Number of deposit-only users: 199
  • Number of borrowing users: 82

Both of these figures slightly declined in the last one month (From 1st May 2022)

Number of Users
Deposit Users
Borrowing Users

Total Transactions

In the last month, users in TRAVA tended to withdraw their assets with significant transaction numbers(241) and volume($799,809.95)

Transactions In A Month