The development of blockchain has led to many trends in the technology world, such as NFT, DeFi, Farming,  etc. In this writing, I will introduce Terra Virtua, which integrates the hottest technologies into the Metaverse and provides readers with a foundational understanding of the platform and how to interact with its ecosystem.

What is Terra Virtua?

Terra Virtua is a cross-platform non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. It provides a regulated marketplace through which NFT creators, sellers, and collectors can interact. Since Terra Virtua is a cross-platform ecosystem, it is deployed across the web, PC, AR/VR environments, and mobile devices.

Who created Terra Virtua?

Terra Virtua was founded by Gary Bracey and Jawad Ashraf in 2017.

Gary Bracey (Co-Founder and Chairman): he has more than 35 years of experience in the game industry. He was the Vice President of Development at Ocean Software from 1985 to 1994, the Commercial Director at Kuju Entertainment from 2012 to 2016, and he has held other important positions in other large corporations.

Jawad Ashraf (Co-Founder & CEO): He is an expert in engineering, strategic planning, process engineering, project leadership, business development, a leading entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in operating as well as investing in startups.

Note: In addition, there are many members with impressive resumes.

Terra Virtua Kolect?

Terra Virtua Kolect logo and their NFT item
Terra Virtua Kolect. Source:

This platform has a currency of Terra Virtua Kolect(TVK). It is integrated with many of the hottest technologies, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT, and blockchain. TVK is used as a reward for players and gives them the advantage of discounted transaction costs.

Information about TVK

  • Market Cap : 97.47M $.
  • Circulation Supply: 707.46M TVK coin.
  • Max Supply: 1.2B TVK coin.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon
  • Token Standard: ERC-20

Kolect  functionalities

TVP (Terra Virtua Prestige) - is a rewarding mode for TVK holders. However, to gain rewards, users must hold a minimum amount of tokens. When some new memorabilia are released, TVP holders can get a discount, glimpse new releases, vote on decisions and get early access to new and unique collections. Moreover, members who own TVP can get free tokens and NFTs monthly.

TVR (Terra Virtua Reward) - Only those who interact with Terra Virtua's ecosystem can claim the reward. For example: Achieving high rankings in a contest or participating in governance issues is also profitable.

Using Terra Forma to create virtual acquisitions –Through Terra Forma, users can unleash their creativity. Through Terra Forma, users are provided with a way to create what they want freely.

Farm: through TVK, users can exclusively farm NFTs, tradable not available anywhere!

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) - Technology

Blockchain-based timestamps will also be used, so if disputes arise in a game channel similar to the “closed” of a Bitcoin payment channel, they can be resolved by going back to records. Events are immutably logged on this blockchain and tracked with a timestamp.

By incorporating the timestamp property of blockchain technology, Terra Virtua developed an anti-fraud protocol that ensures data in progress can never be lost or manipulated by any participant.

Building on this proven technology, the Terra Virtua blockchain will implement game accounts and tradable in-game items in such a way that you attach Terra Virtua assets to an encrypted blockchain and safe. That ensures their ownership is securely tracked and allows a trustless transaction - no central middleman required - to exchange TVKs or trade items.

A transaction is within a single transaction and governed by a self-executing smart contract. Both parties must verify this transaction for both transfers to happen or not. That prevents fraud where only payment is made, and the item is not shipped or vice versa.

The Terra Virtua Marketplace

The Terra Virtua Marketplace interface with different items.
The Terra Virtua Marketplace. Source:

Terra Virtua provides a place to buy, sell, and exchange collectibles. The special thing is that the NFTs are displayed randomly and in various genres. By that, users can own the collection they want and display it in 3D, VR/AR platforms.

Terra Fancave & Terra Dome

A picture containing indoor, ceiling, floor, furniture

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Terra Fancave & Terra Dome. Source:

Terra Virtua has a special corner for gamers. FanCave provides private space. Here, collections after ownership can be used to personalize the space. For example, decorate pictures, photos, robots, or play music.

Terra Dome provides a place to store special collections of Goliza, spacecraft, etc. Currently, FanCave is compatible with Windows operating system. Users need to download it from the official website first. Then, Users can personalize the space according to their preferences.

Terra Virtua Art Gallery with 4 digital pictures on the wall
Terra Virtua Art Gallery. Source:

A gallery is a central place on Terra Virtua for artists to showcase their digital works. Displayed digital art can be animated or still.

Terra Virtua Payment Methods

At Terra Virtua, users must use an account to trade collections. In Particular, users can pay with a Mastercard or ETH through the Metamask wallet.

  • Terra Virtua platform payment gateway allows gamers many more options for payment. Google and Apple only allow deposits from credit cards; the app plans to allow the use of credit cards, Bitcoin, Ether, TERRA, and various local payment methods.
  • Unlike Google, Apple, and Steam which have strict deposit limit amounts, our platform will allow for unlimited deposits and withdrawals.

How to Interact With Terra Virtua?

The store has a user-friendly interface on the official website that makes it easy to view, buy, or sell collections.

3D Platforms for PC - Through these platforms, you will be able to interact with your collections. While interacting with digital collections, the 3D platform not only allows you to invite friends but also can customize many functions.

AR and VR applications - The real world is brought into Virtual memories. The VR app also allows users to interact with their collections, which other NFTs don't have.

Pros and Cons of Terra Virtua


  • The platform has a comprehensive ecosystem. Terra Virtua is not only a place to buy and sell NFTs but also has FanCave and TerraDome to entice users to spend time personalizing the entertainment space.
  • Terra Virtua works with leading industry partners and has built an alliance with many big names in entertainment and film.
  • AR and VR applied to Metaverse have brought different and exciting experiences to users.


  • Terra Virtua only accepts selected quality works. If you are an artist and want to share your creations, you must register.
  • It is not open to everyone.  Instead, only when you have an AR or VR device can you experience the full functionality.
  • Terra Virtua focuses solely on entertainment.


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