MOBOX is a free-to-play and play-to-earn GameFi ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain. By combining DeFi yield farming and NFT Gaming, MOBOX creates its metaverse called MOMOverse, where players can mint MOMO NFTs to participate in various activities on the platform.

According to DAppRadar Ranking, MOBOX is now the top 1 GameFi project on Binance Smart Chain with about 3.2 million registered users and more than $320 million NFT trade volume.


Play to Earn model

An infographic that describes the flow of Free to Play to Earn Model of Mobox
Free to Play to Earn Model. Source: MOBOX Docs

By staking stable coins or LP Tokens in CRATES (pool), players can gain a MOMO key to unlock a chest or obtain MBOX DAO tokens to open the mystery box and finally receive a random MOMO NFT. After that, there are some choices for players if they want to earn more MBOX tokens(the native token of the project):

  • Staking their MOMOs on “Mining Camp”, where they can get daily MBOX rewards based on the total hash power(an attribute of MOMO) of all MOMO NFTs they have staked. The mining rate now is 1000 hash power = 6.18 MBOX/DAY.
  • Sell their MOMO NFTs on the marketplace or lend them to other players
  • Use MOMO to participate in some games on the platform, such as Token Master. All the games in MOBOX are free-to-play, and players don’t have to pay extra to play them.

Optimized yield farming through crates


To get started, players have to add liquidity(for example, to the BNB-MOX pool) via the MBOX platform or PancakeSwap V2 to gain LP tokens. Then, they can start a yield farm by staking these LPs to gain MBOX.

To maximize income for players, MOBOX crates are implemented to optimize yield farming via an auto-compounding mechanism. As mentioned in the MOBOX whitepaper, each CRATE contract has its unique plan to bring users the best yield farming strategy.

Moreover, players can stake an amount of their MOBOX in a specific period to obtain an equivalent in veMBOX. veMBOX allows players to boost their yield farming weight by up to 3 times. In addition, veMBOX also gives holders the right to vote on important decisions related to the MOBOX platform.

Buyback and burn feature

An infographic that describes the flows of buyback and burns pool of Moxbox.
Buyback and burn. Source:

80% of all fees collected from the marketplace, crates, or NFT gaming will be automatically directed into a "buyback and burn" pool. In addition, there is a smart contract that continually computes the average MBOX price last 72 hours and compares it with the current MBOX price. If the MBOX price decreases below the past 72 hours' average price, this contract will use the BNB fund to buy MOBOX from Decentralize Exchange. That mechanism helps keep MBOX prices stable. Also, all buyback transactions will be public on the platform to ensure transparency.

In the case of NFT, whenever a player upgrades an epic or rare MOMO, this MOMO will "consume" another MOMO NFT. That means the consumed MOMO will be burned.

Free-to-play games on the MOBOX platform

4 games of MOBOX, including ChainZ Arena, MOland Defense, Block Brawler and Token Master
4 games of MOBOX. Sources:

MOMO has been releasing several games that players can participate in and earn more rewards:

  • MOMO: Token Master: the main game of MOBOX. Each player picks 3 MOMOs to start a 3v3 battle with another opponent. The winner will steal gold and rank points from the opponent. All the battles on Token Master are completely automatic, so the knowledge and strategy of players will play an essential role in helping them win a fight.
  • MOMO: Block Brawler: an Idle RPG game focusing on battle strategy. When starting the game, players have to choose one hero of 6 heroes to play the main role in each battle.
  • MOland Defense: a tower defense game. Players use generals with their unique skills to protect the main base.
  • ChainZ Arena: a card game in which players create their own deck and arrange their lineup to fight another opponent.


Tier 1 GameFi platform

MOBOX’s team consistently works tirelessly to improve, update their platform and share the progress with MOBOX’s community

With the current development, it is promised that MOBOX can become the top gaming platform in the blockchain game industry that can be comparable to Axie Infinity in the future.


MOBOX’s team has been trying their best to build and finally introduce the MOMOverse -a virtual world where MOBOXers can create, explore and choose the role they want.MOMOverse includes MOmarket (NFT marketplace), MOseum(where players show off their own NFT Collections), MOsocial(networks of social games), etc.


MOBOX works in partnership with Binance NFT Marketplace to boost the Metaverse and NFT interoperability through METAFUND. METAFUND is the fund that will be used to support game developers bring their games to life on blockchain and MOMOverse

Drawbacks and Threats

Drawbacks of MOBOXs

  • The data about the MOBOX team is still incomplete
  • Some transactions are time-consuming with a bit of bit high transactions fee
  • There are only four games(MOland defense is on testing) now on MOMO platform, so that can make players feel bored when playing them day by day.


  • Can be attacked: As MOBOX’s team mentioned, although they have gone through careful security checks, their coding still might have unexpected risks and can be attacked by hackers.
  • Depend on PancakeSwap: All LPs on MOBOX are Pancake’s LP. If PancakeSwap is not successful in the future, or PancakeSwap is attacked, it may have a massive negative impact on the the MOBOX platform.
  • DeFi Exchange Risks: If you want more MBOX to buy, rent MOMO, or for other purposes, you may have to exchange from BNB in many DeFi Exchange Apps such as PancakeSwap.It means you may have suffered from slippage tolerance and impermanent loss in many pools of them.
  • Gaming threats: Although all games on the MOBOX platform are free-to-play, it isn’t easy to win. For example, in Block Brawler and ChainZ Arena, you may lose a lot of battles if you do not have a good strategy. Regardless of spending a lot of time to play or spending an amount of MBOX to rent MOMOs, you can not get a better reward.
  • Future threats: Many game projects have gained big success initially but busted as fast as they boomed. If the MOBOX team does not have a good plan for the future, they can not sustain MOBOX growth, especially in the competitive GameFi industry nowadays.


In conclusion, MOBOX is an innovative and potential project that combines the advantages of Defi and NFT. To keep sustainable growth, MOBOX is more and more sensitive to the community and always tries to build a good relationship with its players. There is no doubt that MOBOX is a highly profitable project and worth investing in


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