What is Enjin Coin (ENJ)?

Launched on the Ethereum mainnet in June 2018, Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency and a digital store of value utilized to back the value of blockchain assets like non-fungible tokens.

As an all-in-one decentralized platform, Enjin enables online gamers and the broader gaming community to gain virtual ownership of goods. Its suite of products - Enjin Wallet, EnjinX, and Efinity serve these purposes and more.

Enjin ecosystem

Enjin Wallet

The Enjin wallet is simple and fast. It can collect and trade ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-20 tokens. It also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

The Enjin wallet interface
The Enjin wallet. Source: enjin.io

EnjinX - The Marketplace

Users can visit enjinx.io to shop for ERC-1155 assets and search listed items and the wallet addresses that hold historic transfers, recent activity, and more. And with Enjin Beam, they just scan the QR code with their phone app to buy.

The marketplace integrates with the Enjin wallet to easily list and purchase gaming items and collectibles.

Nft.io, a product powered by Efinity, is a next-generation NFT marketplace built for the growing wave of forward-thinking creators, innovators, and traders.

Efinity - Decentralize the Metaverse

Efinity - Decentralize the Metaverse. Source: enjin.io
Efinity - Decentralize the Metaverse. Source: enjin.io

Built on Polkadot, Efinity will serve as the infrastructure for the decentralized, cross-chain Metaverse.

Enjin Platform

Enjin Platform interface with different NFT items
Enjin Platform. Source: enjin.io

Enjin Platform supports creating NFTs via a simple visual interface without coding.

The Platform contains a visual minting interface, API, SDKs, and other development tools. They are completely free to use.

JumpNet - Forever-free Ethereum scaling

Introducing Jumpnet. Source: twitter.com
Introducing Jumpnet. Source: twitter.com


ERC-20 Token

All the virtual assets and the Enjin native token are ERC-20 tokens, implying the scope for smart contract functionality. With ERC20, you can have the benefit of seamless integration with different Ethereum-based decentralized apps and smart contracts.

A complete virtual assets creation and management system

With the Enjin platform, users can create and integrate next-generation non-fungible tokens with their applications, games, and websites.

As mentioned above, Enjin has its own native wallet that offers users dual encryption and can handle crypto and NFT trading.

The Enjin marketplace has experienced more than a million traded items thus far, helping users find and trade everything from rare digital art and branded crypto-collectibles to digital fashion and gaming items you can use in multiple worlds.

Beam, which Enjin offers, can help businesses distribute ERC-1155 tokens via QR codes for free.

With Enjin Effinity, NFTs created from other chains can be imported to it using a bridge.

Public API Accessibility

Enjin supports Platform API, which uses the JSON-RPC protocol. The Platform API helps websites to display data to users without any web3 wallet extension.

Significant partnerships

1. Samsung.

2. Microsoft.

3. Ubisoft.

4. Unity.

And more…


The crypto wallet offered by Enjin is not open-source. Therefore other developers can’t audit the source code of the project.

ENJ does not have any physical backing regarding assets, profit, or commodities.

Enjin platform can face those threats:

  • Payment fraud.
  • Still high cost with a long time per transaction.
  • Lack of real ownership of virtual assets.
  • It takes a lot of time and money to develop a virtual asset management platform.


Even though the project is still young, Enjin has a strong, dedicated team along with a plethora of resources, making it an ideal investment avenue.

In blockchain gaming and metaverse, Enjin is currently the leader in this field.


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