The cryptocurrency market is considered a “financial fever” that attracts many investors with its new opportunities for gaining benefits. However, entering this market is not easy and requires keeping updated with the market trends. In this case, finding reputable websites that provide trustworthy and up-to-date information will be necessary. The following article has got you covered.

Analysis sites keep you up to date with the latest information, knowledge, and technologies in the cryptocurrency market, which helps you reduce your risk and improve your chances of making profits even if you are new or have been investing in cryptocurrencies for a while.

With the constantly changing market, you must regularly monitor information on reputable websites. More specifically, they provide necessary information about the market quickly, accurately, and reliably that investors should refer to.

Amount Cryptanalysis website visitors in a month. Source:
A table with information on authority score, reffering domains, backlinks, referring IPs of various websites
Cryptanalysis website analytics. Source:


CoinMarketCap is a website specializing in aggregating and updating the most up-to-date CryptoCurrency market information, such as exchange rate, capitalization, coin/token type, project contact information, etc.

Based on the information about the monthly visits collected above, CoinMarketCap is popular and trusted with a huge number of visitors, up to 223 million visits/month, far surpassing other competitors. Besides, this platform currently supports more than 21,000 crypto coins/tokens (21,540) and is considered the most reputable information site for people looking for thorough cryptocurrency analysis.

The CoinMarketCap homepage is a live price ticker of thousands of cryptocurrency coins and tokens listed in order of market cap. In addition, to provide more in-depth information, Coinmarketcap develops many tools such as an event calendar, watchlist, portfolio, CoinMarketCap Earn, etc. All of these features are displayed on the homepage.

The interface of a website named CoinMarketCap with data about cryptocurrency
CoinMarketCap home page. Source.

Currently, CoinMarketCap combines many extremely interesting features that users can pay attention to. One of the greatest ones is Swaps, where users can swap tokens right on the homepage. In this case, If they have just surfed an attractive index that can bring instant profits, they can go straight to the site and use this feature to buy that token instantly.

On the other hand, when clicking on a coin/token on the page, CoinMarketCap provides users with all the necessary information, such as volatility value, exchanges that sell that Coin/Token, events, and Coin/Token-related programs. In addition, users can check the information of this coin/token on a specific day in the pass-by Historical Data feature.

Bitcoin information in CoinMarketCap. Source:

In addition, CoinMarketCap created its own community. They have a very active social network where everyone can post their writing and distribute ideas while also learning and exchanging information from trading methods shared by other traders in the forum. This is a good channel for users to update market information and related knowledge.


CoinDesk is a website specializing in information not only about Bitcoin in specific but also about the cryptocurrency market in general. The site covers every aspect of crypto, including the markets, trends, technology, and price indices.

Founded by Shakill Khan and later acquired by the American Digital Currency Corporation, CoinDesk has attracted a large number of monthly visits on average, about 16.9 million times, following the information I collected above. Currently, CoinDesk has been released in four languages: Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese, and it has been one of the few big-name news outlets serving web 3.0 and crypto exclusively.

CoinDesk's main page constantly updates users with important news and information on factors affecting the market. Besides, this website also provides writings about the crypto market orientation, new technologies, future movements, etc.

The home page of CoinDeck which includes news, live wire, opinion
CoinDesk main page. Source:

On the coin/token information page, users can quickly update on MarketCap, the 24-hour volatility of Coin/Tokens. Especially at CoinDesk, they can quickly update the top coins/tokens with the largest number of transactions or coins/tokens with the strongest increase and decrease in value within 24 hours.

Coins/Tokens information CoinDesk hompage with different price charts of Binance Coin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin
Coins/Tokens information CoinDesk. Source:

Access to detailed information about a coin/token, you can see not only the basic information such as volume, prices, supply, etc., but also the number of coin/token executed transactions and a price comparison chart between these coin/token and traditional currencies such as gold price, USD price, etc.

Detail Bitcoin information in CoinDesk including number of transactions, price performanace, average time token is hold, return rate, etc.
Detail Bitcoin information in CoinDesk. Source:

In general, CoinDesk brings you all the latest financial news related to cryptocurrencies, find rate tables, charting features, and notifications exclusively for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even so, the best point of CoinDesk is breaking news with the live news feature.


LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform that distills the world's social media data to generate useful insights for Cryptocurrency investors. It is this outstanding feature that has created a solid stand for Lunarcrush in this market

LunarCrush coin data page with a list of coins/tokens and their informaiton
LunarCrush coin data page. Source:

Despite not receiving as much traffic as popular sites like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, etc.,   it is a good choice to help users access social and market metrics across the entire market.

Not only discover interesting data such as insights, recently added coins, videos, or exchange data, but LunarCrush also track influencers and find outs who are making the biggest impact in this field. LunarCrush ranks influencers based on 3 main factors: social media engagement, posting frequency, and the number of followers. In fact, there has been no website has done the same thing before.

Crypto Influencers Page in LunarCrush with names of influencers and their engagement rank, follower rank and post rank
Crypto Influencers Page in LunarCrush. Source:

Indeed, the social metrics are considered extremely valuable by Lunarcrush, notably the indicators of the number of mentions of a coin (Social Volume), the level of interaction, or can be understood as The speed index of a post. In addition, another very good indicator that users should pay attention to is the level of Social dominance of a coin (Social dominance).

From my point of view, LunarCrush has given users a very good way to learn about the cryptocurrency market, which is social information about the coins/tokens available in the market.

LunarCrush is supporting nearly 4 thousand coins/tokens (3,954), and the total number of users has reached 2.67 million (data taken from homepage).


Given its large and continuous-changed information, entering the crypto market requires investors to have an accurate hold of the market with accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data. These websites introduced in this article, hopefully, will partly help you with learning,  improving, and updating information effectively.


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