About TechFi

About TechFi

TechFi was founded with a mission - to deliver our readers, who are wise investors and knowledge-craved developers, accurate information about the technology landscape, especially blockchain.

TechFi is dedicated to initiate and offer audience logical and in-depth analytical articles. To achieve this our team has been learning, training and practicing real use cases in blockchain and we have confidence that TechFi will be remembered as a decent companion for individuals seeking technical knowledge as well as insightful investing analysis.

TechFi strives to be a community blog, where anyone can share their knowledge and be outspoken in raising their voices and their points of view. We welcome truthful writers all over the world, regardless of territories, races, cultures, etc.

TechFi is described as:

Truthful and Decent

We are investors, we are developers and all the information and analysis come from our practical experience. We focus on delivering things we know for certain to our audience. Articles are inclined to be most real, and told in a decent manner.


We want to provide readers with extensive, thorough information to assist them to explore various topics to its full extent.


With truthful, decent and well-informed articles, we hope to be supportive investors and developers to gain knowledge and thrive to the full potential in the technology industry. We believe that by sharing our valuable knowledge we will all grow together.

We are companionable in your tech knowledge discovery.

“Tech” it easy!